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Injuries are bound to happen eventually in sports. Especially martial art sports. I know that well. There were times when i got injured and sometimes accidentally hurt someone else. And i know that in judo, it may be mostly/partially your fault but its never entirely your fault not entirely not your fault.

Whenever i got injured during judo i won't blame the other party. Because i know its unintentional and so far my injuries are not that serious and they recover relatively okay. (Don't really want to mention it because it felt like i am jinxing it but i hope its not.) When i was a newbie in judo i did kinda cause my training partners to get sprains. I do feel bad but after awhile i goes away. I mean when you accidentally injured someone, more or less you'll feel bad about it right?

But i guess like what many said, i am just used to this fact already.

I was training with one of my senior, we were sparring. I dropped one new and roll but i rolled over her hand. I think her hand was in an awkward position and then i heard a 'kiak'. A small 'kiak'. And then the next thing i knew was that she was holding on to her hand and her face is just: pain.

Was legit worried and felt bad because idk if she sprained or fractured anything. I just stood there and look at her while my other seniors went forward to check on her. She just lied down there. I seriously have no idea what to do but went to get ice because my senior told me too. Then later idk i just felt awkward with her :/

Then later my seniors were nice to comfort me to ask if i am okay and like ask me to not feel so bad about it because it happens. It's nice of them but i just couldn't get over it at that point of time. i was ranting to a lot of people because i guess when i say things out repeatedly i feel better faster (fak, i am going to be a super naggy mum).

Wanted to text her and apologise to her. I mean i sould do it but it felt awkward and i was also worried that it can make things awkward between us. Because you know, some people are just ... when you apologise then they just dont really accept it ...? Yeah. I also don't really know her personally so can't really say much about her or to judge her. So i just decided to ask her and apologise the next time i see her in training. Hopefully it wont make things awkward between us. (And yes this is the overthinking part i guess lol.)

In the end i texted jason (another senior) to ask about her. He said her hand is strained and it's not really very serious so she should be fine. But her grip won't be as strong. I just hoped that it won't affect her much because currently she is on intern. And she was last year's champion for my weight category.

Then later jason was telling about how he's not going to push himself too much because of a legit serious injury last year. He saying pushing yourself over the limit will sometimes result in your getting injury. Which is not wrong. But i mean even if you are working hard and pushing yourself, safety first.

Anyways that's all for this post, just want to give it a last rant.

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