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Hope all for enjoyed your last day in 2015 and also had a good time counting down to a new year.

I just made my decision to drop my double degree haha ..  was feeling kinda sad. Maybe it's because I have not felt that I have worked hard for it yet? I want to give it a try again but pulling up my GPA would not be easy. And also, the fees are 2k more expensive than a single degree (probably the lamest excuse but yeah). I can't forgo my other commitments/interests and I don't want to keep dragging this issue, so yeah.

I guess I wasn't as smart or as hard working as i thought I would be. Like for my first semester, I was just basically enjoying myself a lot? Having fun doing things I like and hanging out with my friends. Yeah I mean, others who are in the same course as me are probably doing the same thing. But I guess, they have better discipline and are more willing to work hard for it than me. Not as strong as I thought I would be.

Could see that my mum wasn't really approving of it. Because she feels that, all these while in my earlier years at different stage of my education level, I always don't do well at the start. But slowly, I start to pick up and then do better.

Well, it's true. But I can't always rely on that to work right? In the past it might work because marks are not accumulative. Now, it is. I thought I could do well but nah, I wasn't discipline enough as all. Even if it's only a single degree, my GPA might not look that great either. Need to start studying and to put in more effort.

So after dropping a degree, I feel like getting a part-time job. I know, it's like why? But I just feel that I should start being able to pay for more of my own expenses. It's still okay for me to rely on my parents but then the financial situation at home is not that great so I just want to be a bit more financially independent on my own. I starting paying for my own phone bills, transport fees and most of my daily expenses. But I ran out of savings because I am not doing the 'save money' thing right lol. So my next aim is to make sure my bank account always will have sufficient amount of money. And best is if I can pay for my own hall stay in school. Well, hopefully I get to stay hall for most of my university life haha. Oh yes yes and to maybe travel before year 2 starts! #savingsmotivation

Gonna be discipline and do this.

I guess that's all for now? I haven really reflected upon 2015 and thought of any other resolutions yet haha. Shall take it slow :)

Ciaos and have a great year ahead everyone!

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