Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 12:49 PM with
Well end of first week of semester 2!

Now that week 1 has ended, most of my lessons will be starting next week. Sigh, here comes the days attending tutorials. I am just getting lazier and lazier as each year passes. Sign of old age LOL. Nah it's just me being lazy haha.

I tried reading the lectures notes again after each lecture ended but i always kinda gave up halfway lol. Zero stamina for reading. Then for this semester i will be participating more in hall stuff since i neglected them previously. Sigh i want hall stay next yearrrrrrr or best for all 4 years. But then erm money and points are another issue haha.

Okay and since i woke up late today and am lazy to get out of house to be more productive with my work, i shall stay at home and force myself to start doing my work wtf.



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