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(okay this was suppose to be posted last year but yes i got lazy and so now i am uploading it HAHAHA. Read Kiaheng's blogpost about taiwan and i was like "oops!".)

So, hi guys! Sorry for leaving this space of mine a bit dead haha. 

Wanted to blog about my malaysia trip but couldn't upload the photos from my phone, using the blogger app so yeah. Nowadays i don't even transfer my photos to my laptop before blogging HAHA, like its kind of mafan (troublesome) so i just upload them into a draft post then edit the post using my lappy heh.

So from 11th to 13th of december i went to Cheras in Malaysia for a "mini" / "fun" tournament. LOL. Well i just thought that it would be competition like jagopen? Not very serious but when we reach there all of us was like: wtf

HAHA most of them are like damn big size and black belt. Like seriously and everyone is like prepping and warming up like you know, they are here to fight for first. I mean yeah in comps usually people aim for the top but i think for our club we are actually quite nua hahaha. Anws i think this competition is quite new (3rd year they having it i think?). 

But in the end the comps went well, everything was fine and some of us did great like the opponent might have more experience and may be of a higher belt but some of us manage to beat them. Yay \( ^^ )/

Here's my tag hehe. Yeah got japan's flag but cassie was saying that she believe that the only japanese here are Konomi and Kazuma (also from jagsport) hahaha highly likely. So for the trip, i roomed with ruilin! 

On the day when we reached, due to some accident along the highway (not us lol touch wood), we reached later than expected. And we had to weigh in at like 2am ++ LOL. Me and ruilin were kinda worried that we're overweight hahaa. Like i had to shit but i can't wtf. In the end i was safe but ruilin was overweight. However, the management were nice luh so they just let it go lor even if you are kinda overweight.

And so here are some of the photos taken during/after the competition:

So i got 3rd haha. The 2nd and 4th in place are also from the same club and they just started this year (2015). I lost my 2nd place because my hand slide and touched her thigh so it was a disqualification haha. It was a stupid mistake. Anws, for our weight category (U48kg), there are only the four of us, so we had to fight each other. 

Since our bouts are so close so the four of us just keep talking to each other LOL. Then we decided to take some photos. The winner (i forgot to ask for her name LOL) was actually really nice, like she would watch and tell you what are some of the mistakes others made like what should others do. Personally, learnt a lot from her haha hope to see her again at other competition if i have the chance to.

Honestly, this entire trip i just want to find back my motivation o train like seriously. To fight and do better. Because training has changed since i'm no longer under Sir in school but i still prefer and miss Sir's training haha.

team jagsport!

So after the competition, Sir brought us to this mall (which i forgot the name of it lol seriously) and i had Kenny Rogers! Seriously it's damn gooooooooooooooooood! How i wish in Sg it's as cheap as there LOL. It's my first time trying it though haha.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to nua and rest. I seriously didn't know my face was like this until after awhile after my last bout. Felt a tingling sensation so i asked my friend about my face hahaha. Oh well it happens. Thank god it's not that bad. And yes i put an aloe mask that night, i deserve to be pampered muahahahaha.
The next day was our last day. 
Honestly speaking this trip is damn short! How i wish it was longer? Like maybe about 4 or 5 days? Cause we didn't get to go much places and neither did we get to eat much good food. Overall, it was a good getaway from home. Sigh, sianz next time i aim for the shopping #determined.

On the last day we went to malacca for lunch. Had chicken rice balls as you can see haha but it's really good. Malaysia food are nice and cheap and like i said how i wish we could have stayed there longer haha.
But after the 2nd night, my cold kicked in and was feeling legit horrible on the bus. Why leh? Firstly i legit have serious motion sickness. Secondly, the air con on the bus was madness. Thirdly, we keep getting caught in the rain and having the board the bus immediately. Catching a cold is common to me but yeah lol. Took panadol which is like my saviour, need to carry it everywhere i go lol.

So that's all for my short trip to malaysia and come to think about it erm ... i haven even blog about my japan trip completely yet .... oops. Haha will sort out my photos asap. Ciaos~

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