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Okay, taking a break from my tutorial. Lol, shall blog fast before i get back to it. 

This weekend was rather "busy"for me? Yeah. Yesterday i took part in track haha for hall. First event i participated for hall for IHG. I ran 4x100m and i was the 2nd runner. Honestly speaking i didn't run very fast (idk why) and i kinda screwed up the passing (sorry guys x.x). But in the end we manage to get into top 8 (*yay*) so we have finals next week also. Not sure if i will be running because more people are taking part and if their faster then i guess they should run instead.

I didn't know track has so much stuff to learn siah hahah. Like the form and etc. Last time in sec/jc, i am usually the last runner so i dont really have to care that much? Being 2nd/4th is my only option because i can't run curve wtf. But yeah it was a nice experience and it was fun! Haha. Learnt quite a few things from my seniors too :)

And erm i guess i am taking part in swimming for hall also hahaha but thats like in about 2 weeks time or so.

Then after track i went to meet the boyf and yeah, just another date haha. For the entire i wasn't able to sleep well, like legit. Only yesterday night, i manage to slept well, like the best out of the entire week lol seriously sigh.

Mum came back home ytd night from work overseas and she got me this:

Haha guess what is it?
Actually i thought its the same as the one that one of the youtuber (Micaela) is using.
She is using the one from HUAWEI and when i saw the functions etc i thought that it was quite cool? Plus her tablet looks not bad also hmmm ... meanwhile my samsung tab S is collecting dust on my hostel's desk wtf.

The instructions were all in chinese LOL but its okay heh i can handle this hahaha. It wasn't that hard to use and it keep tracks of my heartbeat rate and the number of steps i took. Hmmm. Shall use it for awhile haha and see how it goes~

I woke up near noon and then after that, mum and i wash up and head to orchard. Had a hair appointment today and decided to change my hair colour. 

Btws the jap food is seriously good (level 5 of far east plaza). The prices are reasonable too and apparently erm booking is kinda required (3 days in advance). By lunch time te place was pretty much full and they are fully booked for chinese new year's eve. 

Obviously that's not the real colour of my hair LOL. And since i am rushing for time i shall blog about my hair colours soon like next time idk when LOL. Need to go back to my tutorial liaos haha ciaos~

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