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Well i guess when you are schooling/working and someone is having a break of school ... it's inevitable to be envy of them right?

Currently i am enjoying my break from school, like you know watching my anime and sleeping a lot. Like really a lot. To the extent that I'm wondering if it's too much. Btws, I'm not in any way trying to brag about having holidays now.

(i need the dog plz lol)

Well sleeping too little it's not good for health and we all know that. But then sleeping too much, is it a good or bad thing? My dad always tells me that too little or too much of something is never good for you. I guess for me, it's best to have about 6 to 9 hours of sleep per day. But i'm like having 10 hours or more per day if i have nothing on in the morning. 

I just checked the internet and there are detriments for sleeping too much ... trying to limit it but it's just ... so hard for me to get out of bed nowadays. I sleep around 1am every night (should try to sleep earlier but i end up sleeping arnd that timing anws lol) and then wakes up arnd 12pm the next day. And during the evening when i got bored/tired from watching too much videos, i will nap for another hour or so.

Okay la, not trying to make it sounds like it's something serious. But i guess i should just try to do something about it? Like find something to do, other than sleeping most of the time. Should just get adequate amount of rest but not excessive

Some of us when we sleep, we are in deep sleep. But most of the time for me, i will dream (which means i am not in deep sleep). And i dream almost every night when i sleep and some times my dreams are too good for me to wake up from haha. Like it's something so different from reality. Although occasionally I do have nightmares and sometimes waking up from them but that's normal i guess. 

Interestingly, i don't recall having repeated dreams and most of the time i do remember them after waking up. And also most of the time i can "continue" my dreams; waking up from and continue it by continue sleeping again.

I guess that's all for this post. Shall try to sleep but not too much. Ciaos.



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