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So i have been wanting to watch this drama for quite some time but there weren't any subs for this! sad ): I can understand a bit of jap but i don't think i can watch drama without subs yet hahaha.

So this drama is called: 'Konkatsu Deka' or '婚活刑事'.
Its about this female detective, is already 35 and she wants to get married asap. But the problem is whoever she falls in love with happens to be the criminal. <<< Yeah i summarised that from the summary LOL ps if i'm wrong about anything but that's the gist of it.

So far it's not bad, a bit of comedy also. I think i am seriously hook on japanese drama, especially those detective ones hahaha.

I am currently watching this from dramanice but not all are subbed yet, around 5 episodes? Yeah. And oh, i am in love with this ost they played in the drama. In the drama they played the slower/piano version, different from the one below. But still nice LOL.

It's called Kotae by No.6.
Time to start watching dramas again since exams are over hehe happy!
ciaos :)

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