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Warning guys.
Don't read this post if you are really really hungry.
LOL okay also not say i'm going to post really good food here i my blog post. But hey, i realised that recently i have been taking a lot of photos of my meal, and then i upload and edit them using Snapee.

Grandma's beehoon soup

I can't get over this picture (above) because firstly it's one of those "lazy meals" that my grandma mad for dinners. There's nothing bad about it and  i loveeeee it. It's like beehoon fish soup? Yeah but uh no fish, all pork and fishcakes. Occasionally with toufu or hot dog.

In case if you are curious about the red thing, yeap i put a lot of those. It's like some anchovies paste (because i can't eat the shrimp one and i think i will still prefer this over the shrimp one hahha). Will take a photo and share it with you guys next time. Seriously love it a lot, and like adding it to almost all of my meal if possible.

Coffee Bean muesli parfait

So recently i was having exams (it's over now lol) and i found a nice hideout to study. Like seriously, it's a nice place to study. I usually study at starbucks but often it gets really too crowded and then you get chase out (worst if you got chase out in a unfriendly manner lol). Well i do understand that it's not a really a place for studying but it has been a trend since idk ... 2 or 3yrs back? Yeah. Because a lot of people study better outside than at home *hands up*

And so, this place is coffee bean at marina square. Only marina square, jem and one more place serves breakfast all day. They seriously have like a lot of food to choose from and it's really really nice! Not kidding. I love eating there. 

Coffee Bean's Eggs Benedict

Coffee Bean's salmon bagel

Song Yuan Rainbow cake

Grandma's Bakuteh with maggiee

Grandma's home cooked food

Grandma's home cooked food

British Fish & Chips from NTU can 14

and sometimes i like to have a simple breakfast wth

Ayam penyat from NTU can2

Okay enough foodies for this post LOL. I actually removed my yummy korean cup noodles photo from this post. I shall blog about it separately. In love with some of them but erm not going to eat them again for awhile because ... i have been having too much of them lately LOL. Not good, nope.

And ciaos~

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