Friday, December 11, 2015 at 10:57 AM with
jeans and ripped image

I'm going malaysiaaaaaaaaa!! Okay la at least a get a mini getaway haha.
Well this time round i will be going with my friends and coach from budo ... for a competition.


I have not been to any competition for quite a long time and since exams ended just quite recently, I have not been training back for long. Although i did train almost everyday this week it's just not enough luh huh haha. But yeah then again .. i can't expect myself to improve immediately or to be like last year (not that i was very good but a better player than now i guess). I have repeating this thing over and over again ... but it just feels like excuses?

Oh well.

So, i have not been to malaysia for a seriously longgggg time. Even though its just beside sg. Kinda excited but i guess we wont be doing much shopping or etc, yeap.

time to work hard for it again, hehe :)


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