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Results are out ~ For my first semester in university haha.
Honestly, it sucks. Really. My GPA for both computer science and business are less than 3.0.
Like legit.

Was kind of disappointed but then when I compare myself to my other double degree friends, the difference between us is just clear lor. Well they are the type who are more disciplined to me when it comes to studying. My results just clearly shows the amount of effort I put in lor.

But then haha I guess I lower my expectations for my results easily and I was kind of affected by my friends. Some of them are seriously smart. Okay, maybe they have studied and read up beforehand but I can still feel a difference.

So for computer science, I got B for all of my modules in semester 1 but D for python. Then for business, I got both C+ for both modules. I know it's just the first semester. But if since halfway through the semester I already felt like dropping my business degree, I guess i should just ... drop it? I have been debating about it for quite some time but I have no idea what is keeping me from dropping haha. And seriously I was just that close to failing python. I mean for us, for the first semester in year 1 we can retake whatever modules that we fail. Which is better? Cause it's like a second chance for us to do well so that we can make our overall GPA better? Yeah.

Anyways, I guess maybe it's because I have not really given my best for BCG? And I still have not discussed it with my mum. So I should just asked her first before I decide. A double degree would give me a better standing after I graduate but I guess a nice single degree cert is better than both looking neither here nor there right? (Told them myself many times lol and my friends agree also luh).

Felt really whiny because I have been talking about this for seriously quite some time and repeatedly? Yeah.

I do admire and really have to give it to my friends who are coping well in BCG. They are my first group of friends in school.

Gonna sleep now. Last day of judo camp tomorrow. Goodnights and ciaos :)

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