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So ... this is kinda late but how was everyone's black friday weekend? Haha. Omg the sales were crazyyyyy like mad discount in prices!! Was so so so tempted to buy a lot of stuff but nope. I actually bought very little because early part of the year i have already be spending quite a lot sigh. Lesson learnt, next year i am going to save up and make sure i will have enough for black friday argh #determined

And yes need to learn how to ship stuff from US even if it doesn't ship to singapore omg why elf why you do this to me. Was actually really sad because they had a major sale and i was already checking out my cart with so many goodies but NO :'( #veryfirstworldproblemshere

Anws it's my first time using shopback and i bought some stuff from zalora and they are hereeeeeee! Delivery time: Damn fast ( < 5 days) and the delivery man was nice to text me to ask if i will be home during the time of deliver and even called to confirm again; Service: thumbs up!

So in total i bought a pair of shoes, a bracelet and a ring. I don't usually buy rings .. and i dont really wear them. No idea why but i thought it looks pretty, wear it for CNY next year LOL. And upon seeing my shopping and my exploding closet (even though i moved 50% of them to hall), my dad asked me to donate away 30% of my stuff.

Honestly, i don't mind.
But the thing is some of the stuff i have been keeping for the longest time has got a special memory with it. Like my mum bought this or my dad bought this and etc. So i can't just give it away even though i don't wear it anymore. Had a cute bicker with my dad LOL oh well but at least he said: "if you want to shop more and buy new stuff you need to clear the old ones." The dad has gave his consent to shop oh yeah heh.

Okay that's all for this post! Ciaos :)

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