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Hi guys. Finals are coming which explains the lack of blog post. But then again i can't deny that there were times when i felt lazy. As usual lol. Just done compiling notes for financial accounting, printing it now. Blogging while waiting~

So i can't decide to keep letting my hair grow or to cut it short #firstworldproblem. Seriously lol. Well since young i was considered lucky to be able to keep my hair long, because my dad's side is more traditional, every kid had to let my grandma/big aunt to cut their hair short, bowl cut some more ._. But my mum insisted not to so i kinda had long hair since young.

I seriously like my hair a lot like i thought it is one of my best feature HAHAHAH. My current hair length is not the longest, because i cut it short (till slightly below my shoulders) like 2.5 months ago or something? There was a period of time i decided to let it grow as long as it can, so i just kinda kept trimming my fringe on my own. Screwed it many time fml.

When i cut my hair really short, compared to when its almost at its max, it kinda refreshes me. It's like another way of me getting over something and to start over again (wow #deep). Haha. But everytime when i cut it short:

mum: "i don't like it when you have short hair. You look better with long hair."
dad: "not short enough."


Well, i kinda like my short hair more nowadays haha. The longest length my hair has ever been was till ... erm like slightly over half of my back? Yeah somewhere that length, and then it stop growing longer (kinda). Was hoping to let it grow until it reaches my butt but nah it seems like its going to take a really really really  loooooooooongggggg time. It feels damn shiok to let it grow till almost its max the cut it real short haha.

I actually tricked the boyf in believing that i cut my hair short hehehe. But nah i didn't haha, i just tucked the longer ones to the back and left the shorter ones at the front hehe. Looks like hor? Dont think i will be cutting it anytime soon? Going to let it grow until it seem like its not growing anymore then - cut.


The boyf has been accompanying me to study nowadays haha, have been taking more wefies/cplfies with him LOL. Idc if his arm is longer but i am in charge of the camera and angle LOL.

okay, thats all for tonight, ciaos :) ~

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