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Hi 大家好 ~  呵呵呵 ....

Uhm no, i have not decided to blog in chinese LOL. I realise i have not ever blogged in chinese before HAHA. Maybe i should try ... i mean once in awhile i should still make sure i still got my mother tongue if not very 丢脸 leh haha. 

So anyways today i just want to blog about my hair ... again lol. First of all i seriously watch lots and lots and lots of vlogs and videos made by youtubers.  I don't know, there are just so ... pretty and yeah their make up skills are damn zai. #teachmeshifu

Anws, it's just regarding some of the tips they give about hairs. Apparently it's better to not wash your hair on a daily basis (which i do, once a day because ... i shower once a day. I dont' see the point showering in the morning or at night when in the end, you are just going to get dirty anyways LOL). Because your scalp produces oil and everytime you washes it, you strip off the oil etc making your scalp dryer

So I'm actually trying to cut down, wash once after every 2 days? Yeah apparently babe (Melissa Heng) does that too. And she uses dry shampoo. Uh on those days when i don't shampoo my hair, i'll still rinse it with water and then blog dry it. But then today, i scratch my head and then smell my fingers ... walao quite smelly leh LOL. Need to do something about it wtf and it feels oily.

I have never used dry shampoo. The only brand i ever saw was Batiste at watsons and I was more concerned about the smell? And i dont get to try it there too. Babe tried it and apparent she said that most of their dry shampoo smells abit weird haha. I know etude does sell dry shampoo but i'm not sure if it works well. 

Babe is using this brand and she said that this smells better but its more on the pricey side (around $20). Yeah, so i decided to give it a try and bought it from watsons today HAHAHAHAHA. Going to try it and see how well it works for me hehe.


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