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Seriously seriously love love love my grandma's cooking.
I am actually one of the fortunate ones who grew up with her since young, and able to dinners made by her for almost everyday. I kinda miss her food last week, because i have been staying at hall and i am kinda sick of the canteen food near my hall. So yeap. 

No idea what's that veggie called but she has been cooking that dish weekly? Haha it's like our family's favourite currently. She cook it with this spicy anchovies paste, usually she will use prawn (heibi) paste but because i am "allergic" to prawn so she switched it for me. 

And then after dinner i have cakeeeeee.
It's one of the cakes i have eaten since young. Mum bought it like yesterday? I think and yeah i forgot to eat it this morning LOL. It's from a bakery near our house called 'Song Yuan' and they actually open a cafe beside their shop which sells really yummy and affordable food. Btws, song yuan also got their own store at amk hub, uh first floor i think.

And that's all from me today hehe. happy TGIF + Black Friday peeeps!
Happy shoppinf and fak i am broke even before black friday LOL #lessonlearnt

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