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Good morning guys, it's 1.10 am LOL. I should be sleeping right now but I have a presentation tomorrow. So i'm currently compiling my slides but i just felt like blogging hahahaa thats the reason for this post.

Well, for this module, there is no final exam but we have 2 major projects and mini quizzes along the way (group and individual). For this project, we have to create a website with wordpress using a local host. I think i mentioned it before but yeah haha was excited for it. Had certain expectations but i guess, oh well, sometimes in expectation != reality, meh :/

Really used to blogging and i find it hard to edit wordpress and tumblr's theme. Haha, not sure if its just me or what. Hope that the presentation goes well tmr and omgggg tmr is going to be a super longggg day for me! Argh. Revision lectures in the morning > presentation > make up tutorial for python.

There goes my dinner with the boyf .... ):

Sigh, shall faster finish up my ppt so that i can get more sleep. Ciaos and goodnight!



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