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okay. Here to bitch-rant.

Nah, actually not really. Kind of feel a bit unnecessary to blog about but still, i want to lol. Idk ... well usually when something happens and I an't bottle it up, i will just bitch-rant about it to my closer friends or whoever just happens to talk to me when I am in that mood/mode lol.

well ... if you read my blog long enough ... i actually do complain a lot. Like, a lot. But then again, ranting everything out makes me feel much better. So i guess my blog makes me feel better hehe :)

So, recently i had a project right? The one about creating a webpage. I know i don't have to keep harping on but whatever. I am not saying that I am like the best member out of the entire team but i don't think that i am the worst? Honestly, i didn't really help much because i only touch on the design part but not on the harder stuff, such as coding for certain features etc.

I kind of "shared" my part with one of my group mate. And, I can say that he kind of screwed it up. Okay, we were discussing about who is going to present which part. So yeah i kinda hinted that i wanted to do the opening and the live demo of the website - not because i can definitely do a perfect job and its wayyyyyy better than him. But just i feel that maybe i was more suitable for that part. Because - 1) i am most likely more familiar with the website than him, 2) i was kind of the one who suggest what kind of feature to add in; and 3) i have seen him giving presentation before.

Yes he is always prepared, BUT he always spend a lot of time on the minor details and gives a lot of extra but unnecessary info (mostly). On top of that, when he presents he kinda mumbles a lot and like talk to himself, not really "presenting". The way he did the live demo was rather disorganised. Okay i had to admit that our group is really under prepared compared to others, we didn't even had dry run until few hours before the actual thing.

When we were writing script, he kept of saying stuff that are from my part. I already gave him half of my part to present and yet he still wants to like present the whole thing by himself. And YA it felt like from the start to the end he just want to present everything by himself as if he done wtf (that was how i kinda felt).

After the presentation we was kinda depress and went like "oh shit" this and that. I was kinda annoyed actually lol. Then our prof gave us rather negative feedback about our presentation. My other group mate and i went to the toilet and she was telling me that he's actually someone who cannot take criticism and wants to do thing his own way, and very concern about his own grades.

Wtf you concern then we not concern meh? He not only jeopardize his own grades, but also OURS. She also told me that actually she and another guy from our class was hoping to not be in the same project group as him. As in, i agree that he is nice to have as a friend but project, erm ..... lol. Was telling Gary about this and he told me that yeah someone has to be the bad guy.

I just feel that yeah he can and may be a perfectionist but seriously. He kept insisting that he can and he will do the intro etc. We were given 15mins in total to present and we told him to stick to 4mins or at most 4.5 mins. Nope, he took 5mins plus. So the rest of us had to speed talk and cut down the amount of things we had to say.

Argh. Okay the end.
I am done bitch-ranting with this. This is like version idk what, because it wasn't as bad as the first few times HAHAHAHA. Okay thats all, ciaos.

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