Monday, November 23, 2015 at 9:31 PM with
okay, i am seriously addicted to weekend shows on tv HAHA. Omg seriously, okay it has been awhile since i like watching tv (has been a few years). Like i dont really find any show nice and i prefer watching shows using my computer/laptop/phone and watch jdrama, korean variety show and yes anime!!

But nowadays i am erm, addicted to the 7pm show on channel 8 LOL and Empress Ki on channel U. Well .. I'm honestly not a fan of korean drama, like the modern days kind but their historical drama not bad leh and omg everyone so good looking HAHA i cannot. And i keep asking my mum about what's going since i didn't watch it from the start. Then yeah, my mum got irritated with me HAHAHA.

Anws yeah, i'm still having finals now sigh. Jys everyone >< !!


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