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So last saturday evening, since i am not meeting the boyf, i went for judo instead. Seriously, while i'm still having exams LOL. I seriously miss those times i have spent at budo, training and just being high and nonsensical with the people there. I used to be quite involve but yeah, i had work, my back injury which takes super long to recover (much better now really) and yes boyf haha. I mean i do have to work out my schedule also.

Ever since school started, i had to stay at hall which is rather far from budo (psh, please qijie or those students from SP also travelled down for trainings #excuses). I really enjoy judo training, gad that i manage to persuade my mum to let me join it when i was in NYJC. #oneofmybestdecisionsever

It was nice to be back there, although it has been awhile and it's kinda awkward with most of them. Sir is nice to me as usual haha yeap. And thanks for welcoming me back and tell me that you're happy that i am continuing judo.

My back injury was quite bad? So it's either i train continuously or i stop for awhile which i chose to latter. Because i had other commitments also, yeah :/ and i didn't wanted to take the risk too. Anws sat's training he didn't give chance at all siah LOL i did the most squats i ever did in my life. Thankfully i have been running recently to maintain my stamina (which is damn lousy zzzz how am i suppose to last for 4mins or more wtf). So i think .. i survived it pretty well hehe.

Decided to get a new gi from sir too and it's kinda expensive but yeah thats what you get for a decent judo gi that can be used for comps. Now i got two white ones ... and i guess i will be needing a blue one soon because nowadays they use blue and white gi to differentiate the players, easier to give the scores.

So yeap, thats my post for today. Can't wait to get back to training once exams are over urgh! Ciaos ~

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