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Good morning guyssssss :)
It has been awhile since i last blogged and hehe i just came back from my morning run. Since judo training has stopped and i didn't got for any outside training, i decided to start running again haha. To at least you know ... maintain my stamina or something? Yeah, and i need to cut some weight for my weight category. I know it's still really early for it but I don't want to make it a last minute thing because  it's kinda torturous for me, because i don't think i can cut down the amount i eat ):

Finals starts on the 20th for me, my business modules will go first then my computing modules. Finally start to do some legit revision lol seriously xitong, always last minute chiong wtf. But next week, i have some assignments due so i have to do them fast too :/.

Regarding my double degree ... i have been consistently weighing the pro and cons throughout the later half of this semester. But i keep telling myself to decide after my first semester's results. Yeap shall not be too bothered about it for now i guess? Will blog about that another time because i guess it's better to let things out haha.

So earlier this week, i dyed my hair again haha using liese's hair dye in raspberry brown. I have never bleach my entire hair before so i guess the colour is not very obvious at all but at least i have a rather even tone now. 

okay thats all for today's post, ciaos :)



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