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Haha #actyige only in the above pic niah LOL. So uhm about 1 or 2 months ago, i ordered an ootd box from this online shop called LYRA MINN ( Was kind tempting because for about $40++ (inclusive of registered postage) you get:

(got this from their website:

which i thought it's really quite worth the money.And for lazy people like me, yeap you dont have to plan your outfit for a day hahaha. I always can't make up my mind about what to wear .. lol the reason why I'm always rushing in the morning, and ends up sweating a lot eeeeeee.

Anws, I saw on their site that there are quite a few bloggers who have tried it and the outfits and back are really nice! Currently i think it's no longer in store but i hope they bring it back again because erm ... yes i will buy it again hahahhahaha. Was satisfied with my first ootd box. Boyf was asking me if it's a monthly thing i was like erm ... no. Which is good because i don't think i will be able to pay for it if it's money. Omg need to start saving #sayonly

So taa-daaa here's what is in my ootd box:

I've got a crop peach chiffon outer and a black floral romper, quite sheer though. Didn't try it on yet, maybe next time :B. I used to buy grab bags from other shops but yeah, i do understand that sometimes, it's just luck. What you get might not be what you like. But lyraminn  actually will ask a bit about your preference first when you're ordering this. It takes about 6 weeks before it arrive? Yeah was rather long but i guess it's fine as long as my parcel arrives to my house safely hahahahha.

Thanks daddy for helping me to pick this up from singpost because i was in pulau ntu LOL.

Out of all the stuff, i really liked the romper and the bag (yes i loveeee bags like this). Can't wait to wear them soon and can't wait to have dinner now LOL hungry. Probably will blog more about my shopping stuff since i don't really have a shopaholic friend HAHAHAHA. Maybe the boyf cause yeah .... he just listens ..... ._.

okay, ciaos~

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