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LOL. I can't really decide what eyebrow shape do i want for my next session .. haven really booked yet but i want to change to shape of my eyebrows this time and ask them to make the colour more pigmented but naturla (wtf demanding leh). Previous 2 times when i did it, they shape to a quite natural shape like the 3rd/last one in the above pic. So this time round, i want to ask for straight brows :/ cause it seems easier to draw leh but hor, the arch at least tells you where to stop etc then later for straight brow i just keep drawing .. longer and longer LOL. Nonsense ._.

A lot of people said that straighter brows make you long younger. And I am also thinking of dyeing my hair? Like ash brown and maybe highlight with pink? Not sure about the shade of pink though but i dont think i suit totally light brown hair .. yeah :O Thinking if i should dye my hair first or do my eyebrow first but usually people will match their eyebrow to their hair hmmm ... aiya since i am going for a brown base for my hair i guess it's not really and issue? Haha.

Seriously, I am one of those who are born with minimal eyebrow LOL like if i take photos, my eyebrows can't be seen fml. Check out my selfies that are from 2yrs back or something. Mona lisa except not famous and not a piece of art, only when it comes to eyebrow. Drawing my eyebrows take me the longest when putting make up and most of the time, it doesn't really looks the same on each side -_-

sigh, shall think about all these after finals la HAHAHAHA.



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