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So i have heard about people raving about this new make up item that is for the brows. Yeap, about 2 or 3 months back i wanted to try so i decided to get it from Watsons. But omg, every Watsons that i went to, told me that it's out of stock and apparently out of stock island wide #waw. So i decided to get it online from Qoo10 which is also cheaper. Blogging about this because it actually works for me hehe.

Crop this picture from here LOL :

Okay la honestly speaking i really do prefer shopping online (obviously) because it's much cheaper. Plus shopping in sg makes me feel that i am paying a lot more extra then shipping it from overseas. I mean yeah you can   get scammed and etc so i guess its either you take the risk or play safe, pay that extra amount lor.

I got the colour in earth brown. Didn't get the darkest shade because my hair is not that dark anws. I mostly use the marker side but not the brow mascara haha. Apparently, it's better to use it on your eyebrows for a couple of days and for about 8 hours each so that the colour would stay and it really does the job. 

I guess this can be a cheap alternative to you know, keep having to visit those eyebrow embroidery place to touch up or like if you do not have the time to visit them, then can just use this lor. The colour doesn't fade of fast and it leaves a tint on your eyebrow? I think it works like henna LOL henna for the browssss. 

Anws i suggest like shaping your own eyebrow first - pluck out those unnecessary hairs and etc before using it. Otherwise if you draw wrongly erm ... the tint will be there :x but it's not permanent. The tint is not very strong, quite subtle? Yeah but i think you can layer on.

I didn't used them for the past few days but as you can see it's actually still quite dark, despite the filter which is suppose to brighten and whiten the pic lol. Love the app candycamera hehe. I don't even use my phone's camera for majority of the photos. And yeah, eyebags ._.

okay, that's all for this post haha. Time to study~~~ Ciaos!

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