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Breakfast for one of my morning in hall.

Staying at the fifth floor and halfway up a hill makes me lazy to go out and feed myself wtf. But then again, its quite a good work out hahah. Maybe thats why i always get hungry late at night ._. Okay need to cut down on snacking gahhhh.

Have been wondering if i should start cooking at hall but it would be quite mafan (troublesome) to bring some of the pots and pan and, i have no idea how to use the electrical stove in the pantry LOL. Ya la can learn la but then hor i just dont feel safe using it ...? Cause i can't see the fire ... omg if that makes any sense, idk -.-

I can't really cook well and i am a lazy cook so i was thinking about the things i can cook w/o tasting horrible and i would probably need a fridge anws haha. But then there's Keepoh at level 4, so i guess i can just stuff my stuff there as long as it's halal? Erm LOL. As long as he and his roomie doesn't mind bah.

Was watching late night cafeteria (from previous season of happy together) and thought of trying out some of them. Maybe during the holidays hmmmm ... and yes, i agree they should totally bring back that segment!!!! really love it >< lol. Okay, enough about food, getting hungry again wth. Ciaos~



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