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About 2 hours have passed and i am not done with bizlaw arghhhhh. Seriously bizlaw lol, close to halfway there though. Finals are coming like omg i thought it starts on the 23rd but nah, its the 20th HAHAHAHA. My business modules will come first before my computing modules. But before that i have 1 project, 1 presentation and 1 more assignment to go. 

So today, the boyf went overseas with his family. Sigh i always envy when people can go overseas haha. I love love loveeeeeeeee to travel, live in a new environment etc. I dont think i will be travelling any time soon? Yeah because firstly, I DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO GO OVERSEAS LOL. Major factor wtf. Then secondly i will be busy during december for Hall activities and also for CCA. And then i only have like a one month break and during which i will be busy, refer to point two lol. 

Better get back to work soon. Can't wait for a long break haha. Ciaos :)
Hang in there to those taking A-Levels! And yeah, i forgot how hardworking i was during last year's A's. Lol, totally need it now ... :/


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