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Okay, So a quick post before i have to go for a quick (hopefully) meeting. Currently i am still in hall, just had training and yeah, going to slack and blog for now. Because ... i don't have the mood for homework now haha. Training was fine i guess? Its getting better probably because i am more active on the mats now compared to earlier of the semester haha.

Anws, it has been awhile since i last blog. As kind of busy? Yeah, had some projects to deal with and upcoming quizzes and assignments to hand in.

So i did blog about me being an emcee for my hall's "first" event. It was not that bad i guess haha. I had positive feedbacks but at the same time some pointers from my friends and etc. Overall it was fine and i had fun. But my hall's committee people are seriously very nice towards me.

So i was sleeping (uh duh?) and then i woke up early? Around 7plus before my alarm rang (which is suppose to be around 9am or something). I was checking for the time on my phone and i read through my whatsapp a little and i realise one of the committee member had left something for me outside my door.

uhm, seriously i wasn't even fully awake so i was like 'orh' and then i went back to sleep LOL. Then when i officially woke up, i went out to see what was the thing that he had left outside my door. And it was ....


Honestly i wasn't expecting all these at all. I SWEAR. I mean it's seriously my first time and i think i did a rather okay job (meh). But yeah, still, they got me cupcakes haha. So much love awwww. Felt kind of encouraged haha.

Anws, yesterday was our hall's "Sing and Strum" night. So siying asked me if i can emcee again which i didnt mind haha. But uhm, yesterday was a more relaxed event and i think i seriously didnt do a lot of the work. Cause the members just help with introducing the next performance and my co-host who is legit good was tanking most of the stuff. So basically it was kind of slack for me and i didn't really do much, oh well. Just felt that i didn't really offer much help despite being asked to help out with emceeing haha. 

a photo of me from yesterday because i thought that i did a good job in bunning up my hair haha.
and yessssss eye bagssssssss.

Oh ya, and yesterday i was receiving a some comments/feedbacks regarding my outift and my bun (erm... LOL). So in the morning my BCG friends were saying that i dress quite korean (wtf, not i say one hor, dont judge me LOL). Then at night when i bun up my hair, juehan ( le co-emcee) was saying that i look half tiong half japanese ._. 

oh and my latest addiction. 
Bachor mee, mee pok, chilli, wanton .... yum yum in my tum tum ^^

okay that's pretty much what i wanted to update on my blog haha. Gonna nua a bit more before i head to conference room for meeting lol. Shall blog about all the stuff i joined in school and hall haha, ciaos~

and goodnight :)


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