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Every time when i get into a new school, i always encourage myself to open up more? Like to be more adventurous and to try more new things. It's because i don't want to regret not taking such chances. So i kind of did be more active in trying new things and to be more accepting towards a lot of stuff. I guess the trying new things part worked out but probably not the be more accepting part .... ahem.

But i think this year i did really tell myself to try more stuff, mingle around more with other and opening up my social circle. Its the first time i am staying at hall, going over to someone's room to play games/have supper and probably the best was to be able to befriend so many people in hall. 

Okay by the ways this is not some depressing post uh LOL. Just basically wanna say that i should try to do all the stuff i want, be more brave to try new things? I know i look like a very outgoing and out spoken person but seriously, there is the other side of me which is the extreme opposite. Haha. 

Anws, tmr will be my first time being an emcee haha kind of excited and nervous at the same time omggggggg. My hall is having a super belated mid-autumn festival celebration and apparently the mooncake sponser made a mistake haha. The committee has requested for 200packs (assuming each pack has one big mooncake) but they thought it's 200 boxes ... So we are getting 800 pieces of mooncakes tmr hahahha. Belina (roomie) is damn happy because she loves mooncake LOL.

and i got my first starbucks card from the boyf.
Because his uncle mindset/instinct tells him that since drink starbucks rather often so why not make my money worth? Earn some points etc haha.
But, he's right :x

and a random selfie of me because it has been awhile since my face last appear haha.
Shall continue with my work and put on a sheet mask~
ciaos and goodnight :)


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