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Gonna blog this post with all my snapchat selfies a.k.a snapfie LOL. Actually i am not really going to blog much luh, just posting some pics haha. Having giving lectures a miss nowadays ... sigh idk i just can't seem to find the motivation to study (you dont say).

yeap exactly what i have been doing lol.
Nowadays i am kind of interested with temporary tattoos and ...

and erm painting my nails LOL.
I'm just having more fun and interest in taking care of myself than my GPA.
I mean, ya LOL, for health-wise it should be like this. What i meant was that, i am more interested in doing make up, painting my nails, buying clothes and looking at fashion online etc ... yeah :/

I did considered as my career path before but nah my language is not strong to become a beauty editor in magazines or online and i really can't draw for nuts. I swear zzzzzzz.

oh well.


and here are some disgusting act cute snapfies i took LOL.
spammed my boyf's snapchat hahaha :)

that's all for today, shall carry on with my work.

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