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Hi guys! It's October already and this means 2 months left for this semester before a break omg.
Not much time left for me to slack if i want to have a decent gpa haha, keep telling myself his but i need to really work on it argh. Was about to start bizlaw but nah, blog first heh!

So I met with Melissa.H aka my legit bff today for a super late brunch. Okay i waited for her at the wrong MRT station. Suppose to meet at botanic gardens but I waited for her at buono vista. Then I had a weird encounter while waiting for her (at the wrong station -_-). Yeah my new month started with a weird encounter lol. Anws, woke up early in the morning for laundry before meeting her for brunch haha.

So this random guy approached me and ask me to take earpiece off. Then later he ask me if i want $5? I was like 'huh? no it's okay.' Initially i thought he wanted me to do a survey for him or something and later he replied and said that he wants the $5 ... -_- okay fine.

Then later he asked me to give him any 8 digits (i thought he was going to show me a magic trick or what). Then later he told me that he will pretend to call me then i have to pretend to pick up the call and then break up with him.

Yes, he said that.
And no, i told my boyf, my bff and everyone else and they had the same reaction as me:


Then i asked him if it's a truth or dare thing and i did say i didn't want to luh because its like so awkward ....? Then he said its because he was bored LOL. After that he ask me to give him 8 numbers, has to look like a phone number and he said if i want to give my real number it's also fine, that would mean that i am really cool about it and also, i look quite pretty (sound so BHB saying it out myself -.-). So i just randomly gave him 8 numbers (but not my hp number) and then he left.

I was like asking mel to faster come then i realised that i was at the wrong station ... #FAIL.
So I took the train and went to meet her for brunch like a finally lol.

Here's our food. It's a bit pricey but whatever, it's really good and the portion is quite filling.
Mine was some chicken breast sandwich and her's .... i forgot LOL. She recommended the moca over there but nah i felt like having cocoa. Anyways, that place looks really nice to study, should probably visit there some time soon. 

and of course photos together!

After that she went for lecture and i went back to hall to get some serious shit done hahaha. Sigh omg recess week is ending ... noooooooooooo. Need to be more productive the next few days argh. Ciaos~

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