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Woke up with real serious cui eyes today fml lol. My eyes are kinda swollen and i have like dark bluish eye bags x.x Covered them up with concealer and a bit more powder today, skipped eyeliner because its probably not gonna look nice with my swollen eyes haha. But then thank god the swell subside after awhile *phew*

School was fine today and decided to blog a little since i have some time to spare. So i have another assignment which is to create a website using wordpress. So the content can be anything. I was actually quite happy to have this as an assignment because i have been blogging for quite awhile and i do enjoy editing the template. But i think i am very very very used to blogger (hehe) so i find it harder to edit tumblr/wordpress skins. Anws its a group project haha. Come to think about it, i have never really come up with a skin on my own from scratch hmm ...

Honestly speaking, templates for wordpress and tumblr are serious nice haha and if i am not wrong blogskin,com is no longer as active as before? Can't seems to find the ones i really like. Plus, majority do not have any thumbnails for preview. Oh well.

Okay, i'm really hungry now. Waiting for people to reply my whatsapp to tell me if i am going to have dinner alone or not wtf. Okay la not so poor thing la haha. Ciaos~


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