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starbucks is having 1-for-1 till 14th October!
hehe such good stuff are meant to be shared HAHA will they can afford to have such promotion since they serious earn a lot annually 😒😒😒.

so, last week I two had assignments to hand in. Omg the number of hours i slept is just ... fml HAHA. Yeah, after i am done catching up with studies i am so going to catch up with sleep. Just submitted my business law assignment today, have 1 more assignment to go for now. Due in 2 weeks time. Help. I know there is still time but i am damn good at procrastinating. 

so boyf came over to hall the on friday and i asked him to do my make up HAHAHA.
Aiya, my usual make up is seriously so easy so i guess he didn't screw my face up too badly hehe.
Wanted to do this as i saw a lot of youtubers are doing it and i thought it would be fun.
But nah i didn't video it down haha. Next time when i am lazy, he is probably going to do my make up for me *yay*.

Anws, nowadays my make up upgrade liao, i can draw eyeliner now wtf LOL.
Yeah and my eye bags are seriously horrible x.x 
The wrinkles around my eyes makes me feel like i am getting old haha, hitting the 20 mark next year omgggggggg.

okay thats all for tonight.
Need to shower and then head back to hall.
School again sigh.

And uhm, now that the boyf knows my blog .... need to becareful with what i blog liao oops.
*kidding la*


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