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So last thursday boyf took off because he wanted to have a long weekend (friday was polling day). As for me, it was union day so lessons were cancelled from 1030am to 0230pm, one of my lectures already had a make up session, supposingly i have another lecture after 0230pm but my prof decided to cancel it. Gave judo a miss so technically i didn't have school that day *yay*.

Took this opportunity to meet him at town area because its rare for him to take leave. We went to watch inside out but before that we had brunch at scape. There is this korean food place that i wanted to try because the food seems nice. Honestly its not bad luh, plus its rather inexpensive for a place at town.

I had fish cake ramen. 
okay, the actual food doesn't look like its picture hahaha.

we ordered pear juice and grape juice. 
I prefer the grape one and the pear one has pulp in it. Quite refreshing.

A rare photo of us haha.
We rarely take photos together but yeah i think we should do it more often.
Most of the time i thin either one of us looks cui in it (most of the time its me rejecting the photo because i dont look good in it hahahahhahaha hehehe).


Then at night we had dinner at kcook cause it has been awhile since we last had kbbq and boyf wanted to try the kbbq here. It's by far the quietest kbbq session we had haha. First time trying korean beer too which is not that bad ... but don't really suit my liking. 

Then after that we went over to his house, rest awhile before he send me back to hall.
Could have went back home on thurs instead of friday but i thin i will probably study more/better at hall than home because .. home is where i nua ... and nua ..... and nua ...... hehe.

okay thats all for now, will blog again soon  ^^. 



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