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okay so remember about me saying that it's really troublesome to upload the photos so that i can blog ...? Its bullshit now (i guess?) cause i found a way to upload the photos one shot HAHA. All i did was to mark the photos and share it to the blogger's app (not blogaway). Fine, i have one lesser excuse reason now. :X

So usually on fridays, i will pack my stuff and clean my room before heading to meet boyf for dinner and then on saturdays i will spend my entire day with him. Well, unless i am really in need of more time for school work or family stuff to attend. 

Yesterday morning i woke up early because he said that he will be taking his dad's car to amk (his dad has to work on saturdays and the place where he is working is near my house). But i guess, he's really exhausted from his work so he asked if i could take the bus down to his house. Okay, i seriously have very bad motion sickness especially for long bus ride and taxis (got smell x.x) but i think i have gotten used to that route -_-. 

my breakfast (mee siam) and his breakfast (mee rebus)

The reason why i called it susu tehbing cause its seriously like condense milk then add some teh and not the opposite.

In real life, boyf is wayyyyyy fairer than me. 

our couple tee HAHA.
okay la erm, we don usually take couple shots together and its hard to take nice one together hahah.
I'll try ... if not like quite sad leh not much photos of us together LOL.
And thats our first couple tee hahahahha cotton on got sale and i seriously find the guy's t-shirt design are much nicer, so i decided to buy it.

and then we had viet food for dinner!
Its nice to eat pho once in awhile :)

after our dinner, we went to watch 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E'.
Its really not bad, those who are planning to watch should probably just watch it.
Then we went to daiso to do some shopping and home sweet homeeeee.

seriously, every week i am kind of looking forward to seeing him on saturdays.
I only get to see him at most once or twice per week. But its okay.
Feel so much at ease and stress-free on saturdays.
sundays are for school work LOL chiongg ahhhhhhh.

thats all for today, will blog again some time soon.
ciaos ^^


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