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If you realised ....

I've blogging a little bit more often compared to before. (okay maybe waaaaaayyy often) Maybe that's because i have my own laptop now and most of the time i am in hall.

And also, this is like the only space i can seriously rant for all i want. Tweeting and posting rants/unhappiness on fb have been seen as attention seeking  somehow or rather which makes me wanna post lesser there (fyi, it's just my thoughts, it might not be that case. I'm just explaining why i no longer want to rant there anymore.) I guess i just feel more personal here after all, it's my own blog. I'm just wondering lately, have i been overthinking about a lot of stuff lately? Why do i talk as though i am angry/pissed at everything? Am i being too sensitive lately?  You know, the thing is that, many people will just tell you, 'aiya never mind la' or 'just let it be, forget about it'. It's seriously easy for some/most of you but i guess its not really for me? Yeah yeah, bearing grudges and what not would make me unhappy so why should i make myself unhappy by feeling/thinking that way? Should i not take feelings too seriously? I mean like not for every single thing literally. I know i should spare a thought about others but most of the time i didn't think through first before i speak. And then i get worried if i've offended the person or not, if i went forward to clarify, it might make things between me and the person awkward too. Sometimes i dont mean what i say so i try to be careful with words, and when i do that, i guess i kind of become more sensitive to the words that others use when talking to me...

Sigh, enough thoughts for the night. Need to wake up at 0830am tomorrow morning for lab. Hang in there everyone (and me) :)

Goodnight &' Ciaos~

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