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It has been awhile since i have been in a relationship .. and the current i going to reach the seventh month since february. I'm really grateful that he actually confessed to me and I don't regret being in a relationship with him. Of course there are ups and downs but overall, there were much more happy times with you :). Minor disputes/"debates" are inevitable, but thanks to that, we learn more about each other and our differences. At the same time, we learn how to compromise to each other in a good way. I know we each have some sort of expectation of each other but at the same time i also realise, its not necessary for you to be consistent with everything. Maybe for the past few days, and today, you were tired. Which is true; work has been really busy for you. But thankfully a new staff came in today and i hope your work load will be lighten soon. I'm not trying to imply anything bad, just my random thoughts about us. But really, I'm genuinely happy to be in a relationship with you. Thanks to you i experience more things and emotions. Takecare of yourself  okay? 

I love you.


Xi Tong, 20歳.
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