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Its the weekends guyssss!
And that's my selfie from ytd, which explains the tgif haha.
The next few photos are from my snapchats also, have been using it really often recently.

Here's a quick update of my week :)

Priscilla came over to ntu on wednesday to meet her friends.
Her new workplace's colleagues who are studying in ntu currently haha.
So she pop by my hall (idk why but they were actually hall hopping LOL), so she passed me my belated birthday present.

Thank you ^^
Love the top and the gloss, finally i got a green top and the gloss is the shade that i like hehe.
and yes stay in touch and go out soon okay!
All the best for university to you tooooooo.

My blk has started to play 'Angel & Mortal' and i found this outside my door from my angel one night. And me being such a #fail angel, LOL, erm i forgot to give my mortal his hahahaha. Supposed to ask vincent to help me to deliver the gift but i forgotten about it. Sorry!!

The entire week i was trying to hit 100% for this.
Its actually an online quiz that is graded for one of my mods but thank goodness that unlimited attempts are actually allowed for this. Aim to hit 100% for all or at least very very close to it.
Must secure as much marks as i can ></

Alright so thats all for today, will blog again soon okay?
Actually, most of the time i didnt blog its because i am too lazy to upload photos ....
like seriously i have no idea why i can't just upload multiple photos at one go (its so inconvenient when i have so much photos)? And since my phone has thousands over photos, it takes really longgggggg time to load and sometime it even crashes and hangs the browser -_-. Irritating much. But oh well, i'm going to use blogaway to upload my photos and then blog from my laptop haha.

okay, goodnights everyone and ciaos :)~


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