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hi guys! 
Sorry for MIA-ing after one post of my japan trip and then the many other "filler" posts hehe.
Well, cause after my trip, I was left with last few days of work. After work ends, I moved into NTU hostel (blogging from there now hehe) and joined hall's FOC (freshmen orientation camp).

Overall its really fun! I genuinely enjoyed myself throughout the entire camp.
Its hard to not have small cliques here and there but I think that anyone in my OG is able to talk to and willing to approach everyone? Like we wont explicitly exclude or to isolate anyone? 

Currently I'm having FOW (freshman orientation week). But that's for my faculty, which is the School of Computer Engineering. Today its the first day and its good to have seniors showing you around the place which you will spending most of your time at. And also some tips and know hows from them.

So ... I"ll blog again soon? 
Ciaos and goodnight :)


Xi Tong, 20歳.
Singapore // Gemini

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