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Hi guys.
So i took part in the freshman orientation week for SCE (school of computer engineering). 
Since i didn't manage to join the faculty camp, as i was overseas, its better if i join this to get to know some of my school mates.

This is my OG which eventually downsized, as some decided to join another og or to pon this whole thing haha. Honestly, speaking, its a very very relax orientation and i guess its because of the feedback they received previously. Oh well.

and that day, some burden decided to self invite herself into my room HAHA. Kidding.
Btws, this is zaiqin a.k.a burden. 

2nd day and as you can see the difference in the number of people and their faces ... yeap.

That day we had amazing race within the campus. Its rather fun. After that we had lunch and tour around the school since we had a 3 to 4hrs break (like seriously zzzz, this is what you get when people say the previous camp is too hiong. Like hello?). We basically nua and rot in the tutorial room most of the time before we went for some briefing etc.

and more photos of us.

Its different from camp. It doesn't start very early nor ends late. 
On the 3rd day, w had our welcoming ceremony and more briefing. 

okay this is serious, overall its too chill and there isn't much for me to blog about LOL.
I actually skipped the morning session on the 3rd day and went for the free lunch and the welcoming ceremony hahahahha. Oops.

Actually, come to think about it, I have not taken part in any event or welcoming ceremony in NBS. I'm taking a double degree for computer science and business. But some of my fellow ddp friends also didnt go for any of the nbs event haha. I mean its good to know some of the people from the other school too like serious its university.

On 2nd day, one of the ddp peeps actually asked me to go for the nbs welcoming ceremony instead. That day i woke up late too, so i just decided to head for the nbs welcoming ceremony. Okay, i must admit that i should have checked out the details of the event beforehand rather than just blindly going there. Like, I'm suppose to dress in red/white top, in jeans and covered shoes but i wore whatever that i am not supposed to ...

black shirt, fbt and slippers .. yeap.

Then i went into the wrong LT too .. so i asked a senior if i'm in the right place and etc like what am i suppose to do. The female senior was trying to help me but the other guy was like: "Do you know where are you suppose to be or who is your mentor? Do you know you are suppose to be in red/white shirt, jeans and covered shoes and not like this."

I was like okay ... initially i felt that he didn't have to be like this to me right? I mean, I'm at fault also for not taking note of the dress code and etc. So in the end i just went back to SCE and join the rest. I have to admit that i did said some mean stuff about that guy behind his back but honestly thats because at that point of time, i just felt that he wasn't being nice to me (he has a choice though). I a taking back and eating back all those stuff i said about him because most of the time Karma God is not at my side and i end up getting karmas sigh. Watch your mouth Xi Tong.

Thats all for this blog post, ciaos.

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