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okay so i attempted to change my blog skin but failed terribly and hence, the only thing changed is my background lol. Should probably change my display picture soon ... *proceeds to take selfie*.

Haha. The long weekend is overrrr and i hope everyone had a great one. I seriously spend it on my bed for most of the time as i was sick. Damn sian. Btws, flu medicine works wonders. Like i sleep really well and it gives me really really crazy dreams.

For example, i dreamt of  myself roaming in a mart and like everything is sold for 3 for $3 (ya la can also take it as 1 for a dollar). I see lots of snacks like oreos of really weird flavours - otah oreos. And instead of the regular banana leaf people use it to see otah, its wrapped with a fish outline .... and the boyf concludes that i am just tam jiak and hungry -_-. I cant really remember about the rest but every dream felt like an adventure.

Anws school officially starts today and i just cant wait for it to be over already LOL. I am honestly really worried that i will lag behind and thats going to be really suffocating. At the same time i need to work hard and score well. Everything is of a different level compared to jc and poly, every exams has a bell curve which can affect your grades. Sigh.

Oh well, thats all for now. I am having fun typing away from my laptop cause i like the keyboard hahahahhaha seriously. Shall go for some hall activities now, ciaos~


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