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Hi guys!!!
Lol okay. Anws i am back home today from Hall. 
Slowly getting use to hall and my way around ntu haha. So far,
school is not that bad ... maybe its because its still the beginning. When its half way through sem 1,
I'll probably be facing the real deal/shit ... -_-

I'm still sick /sian/.
I think its from camp, like we slept really late and showered late too.
The food are pretty heaty too. Then after camp, i went to eat more heaty stuff ....
seriously asking for it only lol. My serious flu was over (yeah remember me blogging about sleeping throughout the entire long weekend? I think i did blog about it ....) and now I'm left cough. 
Have been coughing really hard for the past week and some of my hall mates 
are coughing like me too :/ Sigh need to get well soon.

So that i can eat all the kfc, korean bbq etc ... heheheheh.

Was really craving for cold stuff and dessert and since i was sick,
I shall just have llao llao with fruits LOL wth. Cravings are strong at least i just added fruits haha.
And people are telling me medium is more worth it than sanaum (however you spell it lol).

Okay i am suppose to be doing my tutorials and prep for next week but
i'm still here procrastinating lol.
okay, gtg and ciaos~

ending with my selfie #actcute LOL.

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