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Honestly speaking, i have always wanted to learn how to dance but at the same time i love doing martial arts. I have been learning wushu since primary one till secondary four, and then i moved on to judo which is still love learning it. I had always admire people who can dance so well while i dance like a piece of flapping cardboard -_- oh well.

I keep telling myself that i can learn it on my own etc but its not always easy to learn it from youtube haha, and i see those dance cover and choreography it just makes me .... sigh.

Well i wanted to join my hall's dance (soulmix). I mean its like my final few years studying before i graduate and start working. So i thought this time round i should join dance and really dance as much as i wanted to. Today is actually the first session of the audition it has already started but i decided to not turn up for it, even thought i went for the practice for the audition choreography and their open classes. Its seriously seriously fun. But i am joining school's judo and the training dates clashes. Also, most of my lesson starts at 0830am and i have to prep for tomorrow's lab and tutorial. Nowadays i keep asking myself why didn't i just stick to one degree instead? I could have drop it before starting school but i was lazy to do it. Zzzz.

I can't always have everything that i want in life. And if i tell people this they might think that i dont really have that much passion for dance (which i can't deny compared to judo or some other stuff maybe, for now) and all these might sound like an excuse.

Dance is really fun. I do enjoy it. Maybe i should just go clubbing and dance like mad - all out haha.
Oh well, feel so much better blogging it out. Shall go and shower and start prepping for tomorrow's lessons. Advance goodnight guys :)


Enjoy ~ the song that they are using for audition and all the best to my friends auditioning for it :).


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