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Hi all! Travelling to japan has always been at the top of my wishlist and yes, finally, I'M AT JAPAN! First time here and so far, I'm loving everything haha (being bias). Looking forward to more trips to japan already hehe.

For this trip, I'll be travelling with mum and my longest friend - Melissa Heng! Went over to her block the day before to help her carry her luggage as she has a photoshoot in the morning (美就是这样的 lor). Its for her university's beauty pageant. Met mel's parents and finally our parents met lol.

Everything was damn rush at the airport haha. Well her photoshoot was there but it was taking some time. Checked-in and rush our lunch and ran to our gate. Thank god we didnt missed it hahaha almost though. First time ever rushing for a flight wtf.

Once we boarded the plane everything was like - phew. Okay maybe not cause we were spam texting till the very end. Was really excited then on the plane. It was 4years since mel went overseas haha 1yr plus for me.

After the plane took off, i took out all the routes and sorted them out (nope, we are on our own!). Then late lunch was being serve after an hour or so. However the journey wasnt that pleasant .. had serious motion sickness. Its by far the worst on the plane. Lots of turbulence until the end when reaching Kansai International Airport, which became a smoother ride.

After we touch down - excitement x10 LOL until we saw that (above). The queue is crazy and it took like more than an hour. Collected our luggage and asked for our way to our first accomodation - crowne plaza.

When we were there they told us we can take their airport bus to a nearby point at our hotel. First time purchasing tickets and the uncles are really friendly! After that we went to a Family Mart and had our first meal at Osaka.

When we reach our hotel ( about 1hr), I just can't wait to sleep LOL. Took a quick shower and slept.

Thats me and mel on the bus. Talked a lot and mum is sleeping behind me haha.

Look at the amount of blisters i have.

Which is caused by this new pair of shoe of mine. Immediately took out my sandals to wear for the next day instead .

And thats me ready to go bed. Was spamming boyf's snapchat and whatsapp haha. Thats what me and mel did for awhile before we sleep.

Blogging now only because i have portable wifi. Hehe will blog again soon. Ciaos~

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