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In case you're wondering why is there a sudden outburst of new posts from me ... I have not been working since the 24th of May ...

Nah, I'm still a part-timer at Smiggle haha! Its just that I have 3 off days in a row. So there are two new part-timers joining the store that I'm working at, so that means we have to share the hours more among ourselves. But for me, while i'm still on holiday, i seriously hope that i could have more working hours/days (but ya la, will make time for dating la haha #ineedalifetoo). Just want to stretch my time to the max and not waste any.

I decided to take on a retail job because (yes) it is more flexible in terms of the timing, and time past much faster and less torturous for me LOL. Admin work is not bad, the pay is higher because of the longer hours and the rates too. Sometimes i just felt like maybe i should have gotten a temp office job till the end of july, but then again having a retail experience would make it easier to find part time job while schooling.

I did thought of continue working at Smiggle, even after university starts because the minimum hours required is reasonable. But for now ... I'm going to try my luck for a second part time job haha, yeap going for an interview later.

Need to save up for my trip but here i am feeling so broke sigh, this is life. I keep telling myself to stop shopping but i just can't control myself at times :/ And i'm having serious space constraints at home LOL, My clothes are hanging on my window haha because of the lack of space in my wardrobe. So going to sell some of my stuff at a flea market with mel soon. Hopefully we can earn back the rent hahahah at the very least.

(boyf hates it when i keep talking about work and i find his irritated face cute wtf totally random)

So, anyways, all the best to me and ciaos~


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