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Its a new monthhhhh~
May it be a good month for everyone (punny wtf).
Hopefully in the next two weeks i will start receiving notifications from NUS or NTU.

Last last sunday, i met up with zhimin (nope, we didnt took any pictures tgt) for a quick dinner. It has been damn long since i last saw her. Initially we were suppose to have a clique outing but the guys decided to pangseh us last minute for soccer. Oh well :/

We went to this restaurant that sells authentic korean food (says the boyf). Haha the food is not bad, near chomp chomp and where we live to. After that we went to nex for ice cream HAHA it was suppose to be sogurt but never mind!

For the ice cream is really yummy! For cookies and cream, the cookies seem evenly distributed. So its not like one mouth nothing and the other mouth with a whole lot of cookies. The matcha flvaoured one is really creamy though! But the ice cream is a bit more expensive? Yeah, i think it should be slightly cheaper because the portion they give is also not a lot. 

And last week (can't remember which day LOL) I met up with mel again for dinner! We had a good talk about our boyf and also a bit about the trip.

Yesssssss, finallllyyyyyyyyyy. Will blog more about my plans for trip in another post.
Had ramen and we had some shopping done at bugis street hahaha. I mean, its so wasted to go all the way to bugis (since both of us dont live near there) and not shop. That's where all the cheap and pretty clothes are!


On labour day since almost everyone is having a day off, my family decided to go bowling at Kallang Leisure Park. Luckily, I had work during the afternoon as I was able to spend some time with them in the morning.

Bro and dad.
I think my dad looks young hehehhehe *shy*

And then its me again haha.
Kirah decided to braid my hair during work. Don't waster her effort uh, must take selfies LOL.

okay, thats all for now hehe.


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