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So hi all ~
I just showered and decided to blog a little before I go to bed haha. Have to wait for my hair to dry anws.

Its going to be 2 months since i started working retail. I just realise that quite a few customers tend to ask us to give them extra (by a lot) plastic bags so that they could pack them as party packs.

Like seriously .. what the hell -_-.

I mean be reasonable luh, one or two extra is fine if we have enough to spare but not like 10 or 20. If you want to host a party then dont take advantage of others. There is a limit to what we can give. Plus Daiso is just freaking nearby, can't people just get them for a pack of idk how many for $2?

There was once a customer who was pissed off cause we said we could not give her 8 plastic bags, and she just slam the entire basket and commented that our service is bad. Like seriously? Even her son also told her to buy the plastic pack elsewhere and pack it themselves. At that time we were really short on plastic/paper bags. And, we did mention we do not provide wrapping services.

Then yesterday there was this couple (not singaporean unless PR) they keep giving us empty comments, flattering us just to get free plastic bags. We told them that its sales period and can't provide them that much (like 12). Then they say they are going to separate it and make 12 separate payments. Like what the fuck? They keep saying tmr its her birthday, its tgif ... so? If its a reasonable amount, fine. Its your birthday tmr so everyone should be kind to you and give in to you? What rule is that ._.

If each customer does that then it put us at a tight spot. Its like the higher ups would say this then the customers wants that. Zzz.

Anws just a rant of mine. Happy to let it out lol.
Will blog again soon. Ciaos~


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