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Finally stop procrastinating and decided to go and get my passport done.
Thanks to the countless nagging of my mum haha! I mean its true, the longer you wait the more expensive the plane tickets are going to be. Hopefully it comes back to me soon.

So I asked if my mum would mind if mel wants to come with us. She doesnt haha. Well, we are friends for about 8 years already. Her mum still remembers and knows me, so does my mum. Occasionally, mum will ask about her and her mum will ask about me. In the end, all 4 of us will be going for this trip! Haha. Our mums have only met each other once for only a brief moment, so i hope that they'll click well.

So, where am i going?

I've always wanted to go to japan! And i really wanted to go Korea again because Korea facial products here in Singapore are overpriced. So, I want to go over there again to stock up haha (at least 2 year worth wtf). 

I'll be going to Hokkaido and Seoul on July. I can understand and communicate in both jap and korean AT THE VERY VERY BASIC LEVEL ONLY LOL. And yeap, we are going on our own so goodluck to us HAHA. I hope we don't get scammed or make wrong payments ohmylord.

Going to try out Airbnb for our stay at korea, not so sure about Hokkaido.
Totally looking forward to it and need to start saving hehe.

if you have any good places to recommend for these 2 places, please drop me a comment! Thanks :) 


Xi Tong, 20歳.
Singapore // Gemini

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