Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 11:39 PM with

I am having an affair with my jianfu and yes my boyfriend knows everything about it HAHAHA. I seriously like to tease him about it because i find his reaction really cute and funny haha.

Just in case if you're wondering who is my jianfu ...

Yeah its this thing. LOL. It got its name as jianfu (贱夫 << i hope its correct)  because my mum told me in hongkong thats what people call them. And thats because these are what wives hug to sleep at night hahaha. Idk if thats true or not.

I got jianfu as a 1st monthsary present. We dont really celebrate monthsary (actually we dont but we just know how long we have been together), but on that we just manage to catch this from a game station haha. #isthisfate #mustbe

Hahah okay thats all for now.
Will blog again soon, ciaos~


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