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okay, back here to update about my life.

 On the 27th of  March, i join my mum, aunt, uncle and granddad for a coin fair at MBS. Its my first time being there and everything seems new and interesting. I don't usually go and help out at my granddad's shop and not really into the business, but whenever i think about it .. i kinda :/ (its okay if nobody understands this part because yeah lol wtf). Thats my cousin, Jolene, behind me haha. Just a year older.

Dyed my hair with this colour. Remember the portion of my hair which i had highlighted it? Yeah, the colours fade away so it doesn't really look that nice any more. always wanted to try the Liese hair dye and yeap finally got the chance to do so hehe. loving my new colours~

Erm yeah selfies of me with make up, before meeting the boyf LOL wtf.  

That's kiaheng, karshing and me! Heh, woked up early for a super longgggggggggg talk for SEA Games. Yeah, we are volunteering to help out in the judo event haha. All 3 of us are call runners HAHA. World best job, just run. Need to start training for stamina LOL #kuazhang

It has been years since i last went to Chung Cheng High (main). Cause i use to go there for wushu competitions haha. Honestly, the location is ..... -___-. Okay so my brother is competing today so i went to cheer on him and also to take video laaaa (nagged by my mum + kana guilt trip x.x). I say he did well. It was a good job haha nowadays competition hard to win hur but his score was decent and he is happy.

After that i went shopping, was buy jeggings and socks and then since there is a promotion going on, i got a pair fo socks for him too. Hehe cute right? Minion + captain america~

Okay thats all for today's post, will blog again soon. Ciaos!


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