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Yeah~  here to update about my first week of work at Smiggle! Hehe.
and uhm .. i took a lot of selfies as usual ;x 

Morning selfie to start of my first day of work LOL!
That day i had to report to work at 2pm, so i work up rather early and spam 
snapchat with kiaheng, karshing and boyf LOL.

and yeah 2 more selfies HAHA.
Prepared to go out and put on my make up yo~
I bought my new lippie from silky girl and i'm loving it! Its rather long lasting and the colour is sweet! Can't remember which shade but yeah, will post it soon.

kinda into this brand recently. I bought their lipstick once and it works damn well!
The colour pay off is good and its not very drying.
I love those shades of eyeshadow laaaaaaaa *insert heartssss*!
But yeah, i seriously SUCK at putting eyeliner and eyeshadow so its a waste of money on me ..
But fml its so pretty T.T

On Thursday, which was supposingly my off day, i had to work haha.
so yeah, couldn't make it to boyf's graduation ceremony x.x 
But i met him for dinner and ya was trying to beautify myself LOL wtf. 

so basically this post is filled with my selfie.

anws, my current job, is my first retail job.
Currently enjoying it, and my colleagues are really nice and understanding towards me.
They are really a fun bunch of people to work with haha.
I didn't' really felt shy or awkward working there and its nice to learn from them too.
I guess i'm not use to working retail (i mean duh -__-). 
Had to do closing for a few days consecutively and i think i prefer opening than closing HAHA!
Boyf was rather upset that i had to work during weekends because that would mean we can't spend our weekends together. Well, he works office hours while i am holding a part time job so yeah :/
Feel bad though x.x

okay, that's all for now.

p.s it's a monday and its my off day. but whatever most of you have off days on sat and sun.


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