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Hi guysss~
gonna blog about yesterday haha.
Well yesterday was: my brother's bithday, phyllis' birthday and evelyn's birthday LOL. 
Yeah it also marks the our 2nd month.
And, it's my off day hahaa (have work later .. mehhh~)

So, freaking woke up rather early in the morning due to those construction noises fml.
Yeah, same goes for today too. The flat beside mine is renovating .. actually my entire block is undergoing renovation, depends when is yours being scheduled. My toilet needs to be fixed around early May? Haha. 

Yoghurt with cereal for brunch!
Seriously love this combination a lot haha. 
I've tried llao llao recently, and its actually not that bad, the price is considered more worth it compared to the one above (i guess?) because the portion is bigger for large size and comes with 3 toppings. BUT, regardless ... i find the super long queue too overrated haha.

after that i went to walk around amk hub, bought some cakes back for bro and yeah fak, 
i did it again...
shopping x.x

trying to save money but never seems to work fml lol.
need to be more determined ><.
So i bought stuff from THEFACESHOP and gave up my online shopping goods HAHA wth. 

so they are having a few on-going promotions.
Obviously i spent more than $38 so i got to join their member for free haha.
Bought KERATIN INTENSIVE SHAMPOO that is suppose to provide intensive care for damaged hair ($9.90). Actually my hair isn't badly damaged, just that i'm having hair fall issues. At the same time, the portion of my hair which i've highlighted is kinda in a cui shape haha yeah. 

Bought PHYTO INFINITE EX MINERAL POWDER ($23.90) and the INFINITE PHYTO EX CC CREAM with spf 30 ($19.90). My face seriously gets oily damn easily and its damn sian to see your face with make up and oily face. Plus, my mineral powder is going to be expired soon so yeah, decided to give this a try. Haha shit la i need to stop buying cosmetics. I mean, i'm not done using any of it yet LOL.

Must control uh xitong.
The rest are just free gifts and sample given haha.

okay random photo of qijie, me and kiaheng LOL. Taken last saturday and i find this photo pretty, so yeah i'm posting it here hahahha wth. Rarely i find myself looking okay in specs in photos haha.

and yeap selfie before i went out ytd.
Had dinner with boyf. 
Have not been spending much time with him lately haha,
oops ;x

erm two more selfies?
left w/o make up lol.

okay thats all for now.
will blog again soon hehe. ciaos~

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