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After A-levels i immediately went to look for a job and my first admin job that i got was from Aviva. Basically there to do basic administrative work and other ad-hoc duties also. Work was fine (majority of the time) and i manage to fit in okay there i guess? There are a handful of  people there my age and thankfully we got along well LOL. 

Some have already left and some are going to leave slightly earlier than me. My contract is going to end on the 31st of March. Priscilla has left on the 6th of march, Wen Ru left on the 27th of feb, Phyllis leaving on the 20th of march and Xiaodan on the 26h of march. Honestly had lots of fun with them and not forgetting those that are still staying after i left haha like Jay, Syah and the other DMU peeps.

okay, i sound like i'm gonna quit soon but erm still not yet la LOL.
Anws obviously i have started to find another job. Need to save up but like damn fail can. All the sales make me wanna shop and spend my money on those pretty stuff which are mostly deem as useless to my dad. Because i'm having space constraint in my room HAHAHA.

gonna find a retail job as i need a more flexible timing for other stuff. Like volunteering to help out for SEA games and wushu..

Okayyyy gonna end here because idk what else to blog and this is going to get wordy lol.  Ciaos~

oh and now i have bae :)


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